C. L. Bledsoe: Sisyphus on the Line

Vox Populi

One must imagine Sisyphus happy.

— Albert Camus


The meaning of life is thirty-two—that’s the number

of hours per week I’m allowed to work lest I get over-


time or full-time benefits. Chips and a soda for lunch

are all I can afford; the sugar and caffeine keep me going


on my feet checking Chinese knockoff goods that will fall

apart in a few weeks. But they’re cheap. Four hundred


dollars every two weeks is a stretch to pay rent plus food

plus gas; when my stomach gave out, I had to take a week


off, pay thirty, sixty, or more per day in copays to find out

I had colon cancer. That week plus the doctors’ bills landed


me out of my house. I’m sleeping on my son’s floor. But

I should be grateful. There’s nowhere else to work


in Mountain View…

Lihat pos aslinya 67 kata lagi


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